Who/what is Quizzington J. Puzzle?

Quizzington J. Puzzle is a person who spreads fliers around a city, and is generally categorized as a nuisance. Think "the Riddler but cooler".

The official Quizzington J. Puzzle site is currently run by one of Quizzington's top unpaid interns.

What's the goal of Quizzington's actions?

It's a secret :)

Can I find Quizzington's posters anywhere?

The posters should be in your general area of living. They can also be found in the gallery.

Can I post the fliers to my own general area of living?

You ab-so-lutely can! In fact, it's very much appreciated if spread the word of Quizzington. Post 'em everywhere!

Can I participate?

That's the point! Even if the puzzles are already solved, you can still send in an answer to rack up some sweet leaderboard points.

Will I actually get the prize if I solve the puzzle?

Yeah. Do I look like a fraud?

What's up with this leaderboard?

The leaderboard shows the people who have solved the most Quizzington posters. If you've solved one and would like to be included on the leaderboard, please include your username in an e-mail.

Where can I contact Quizzington?

Quizzington can be contacted at quizzingtonj.puzzle@gmail.com.

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